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What Runs Where buys start-up Mobile Ad Spy

Good times.

3 Filters on Adplexity to Find Profitable Campaigns

Did you like this post? This is one of the quickest follow-ups from any person I met at an affiliate summit party ever. Awww yeah we setting records.

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Well I was drunk and probably high so the details are fuzzy. Glad you are still a fan then. Always have been and will be. I opened a gym with my aff monies! Lewey Lu. I think it was pretty good move from WRW guys. I find mobileadspy interface pretty clumsy. I hope they will add some improvement soon.

The scheduled alerts and reports are also a nice touch, and it sends you notifications any time one of your competitors launches a new campaign. The platform also lets you track the advertiser you wanna follow, and you can additionally save creatives to favorites for later use. One neat feature is the LeadFinder integration which enables you to contact advertisers who could be suitable for partnerships. WhatRunsWhere has international coverage for over display networks and mobile ad networks. It also collects banner, text and native advertisements.

WARNING: in case you forget to cancel the subscription before the expiration date, the money for the full version will be automatically deducted from your account! WhatRunsWhere offers you the possibility to search by advertiser, publisher, keyword or network. Using the enterprise version, you can explore the advanced opportunity to search by category and network. These features will help you find inspiration and launch the new GEOs while being fully prepared!

There are only 4 ways to research the ads:. This feature allows you to find where the advertiser is running his ads. Imagine you have decided to advertise Uber.

Where can What Runs Where Improve?

These are just a few of the features across all packages. If your business entails Display Ads over Native Ads then you will probably not do any better. Social Peta 3. They are also constantly adding new features, such as the CPC map, which can help you to optimize your spending in geographical regions. Check AdBeat.

You can then see demographics, sources of traffic and all ads text, banner, native for it, as well as info about the publishers. If you wanna put your ads on the specific site, this section is for you.

Why Stealing Is Good

You can check all the ads that were placed on it, for how long it was running, and other details. Moreover, you can pick the most popular domains, to find out which offers your competitors are promoting. This section is great for you to research a specific niche. Searching by keywords is a pretty useful tool if you wanna see the advertisers in the particular market. In addition, it also helps you figure out how to design your ads! This section is really worth exploring as it shows you the best ads according to your filters: country, creative type, ad network, and period of time.

This allows you to check current industry trends and design the right ads. Long story short, WhatRunsWhere is a good service for affiliate marketing beginners. That being said, you should understand that true pros will always want a platform with more advanced tools. Additionally, never hesitate to ask your account manager for suggestions on how to promote a particular offer in a particular segment! Keep spying like crazy and become the example of success in affiliate marketing! Mobidea website Join Mobidea.

Tatiana Alshevskaya. Last updated on September 27, - 13 min read. SpyPush 4.

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Best Ad Spying Tools for Affiliate Marketers

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Check AdBeat. Check AdVault. Check WhatRunsWhere. Tatiana Alshevskaya Key Account Manager.

Why Get Ahead in the First Place?

WhatRunsWhere provides the most accurate digital ad intelligence for performance advertisers looking to stop guessing & start running profitable campaigns. WhatRunsWhere is a marketing spy tool that allows you to find: for over display networks and mobile ad networks.

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